Pawnbrokers Kensington W8

Elite Pawnbrokers Kensington W8 is able to provide loans against your valued assets. Items like prestige watches, gold, jewellery, art, cars and logbooks, designer handbags, antiques, vintage fine wines, cherished number plates, vintage car stamps, rare books, collectable coins, and other types of collectables that have a decent market value.

Some of the more popular items that high loans are provided against are: Rolex Watches, Diamond, platinum, and gold jewellery Louis Vuitton and Hermès handbags, prestige cars like Range Rover (Land Rover), Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Audi, Porsche. If your item has a value, we can lend against it fast!

What makes Elite Pawnbrokers Kensington W8 different is we work we various different high-end pawnbrokers throughout the United Kingdom to get you the best price. We are able to offer up to 3X more than other lenders.

When you need to raise some cash fast can’t get a high street loan and you don’t want to sell your valuables. Elite Pawnbrokers Kensington W8 is the answer. Just pick up the phone and call us. One of our experts will discuss your needs and items over the telephone and from there offer you a cash loan based on the overall value of your asset.

If you then decide to take the loan offer from Elite Pawnbroker we can instantly pay you the cash or by another pre arranged method once the items is in our possession.

Loan Against Your Assets

  • ¥ Get a cash loan against your assets to help stop repossession order.
  • ¥ Get a cash loan against your assets to help towards new investments
  • ¥ Get a cash loan against your assets to help manage your short term finance
  • ¥ Get a cash loan against your assets to help release capital in your property prior to sale
  • ¥ Get a cash loan against your assets to help fund a purchase
  • ¥ Get a cash loan against your assets to help you create liquidity

Unlike high street banks there is no monthly or weekly payments. And nothing to pay until the end of the loan period. Our loan terms are for up to seven months. However you can pay back the total loan at any time during this term including any outstanding interest.

Should you pay off the loan before the end of the term there are no early redemption or exit fees. Elite Pawnbrokers Kensington W8 will only charge interest for the period of which the loan is outstanding.  So should you decide to pay of the loan within 30 days, you only pay the interest for this period. as interest is accused daily. It really is a fast easy way to get a cash loan right away!

Pawnbroker loans are a popular alternative – secure funds against prestige assets when you need the cash most. And when you’re done, pay the loan back and the items are returned.

Taking a loan with Elite Pawnbrokers Kensington W8 is as easy as 1,2,3. Items pledged are secured with Elite Pawnbroker during the contract period; they still remain the property of the client until the end of the contractual period.

Although we do not carry out credit checks, all transactions carried out require proof of ID prior to a client being permitted to enter into a contract.

Elite Pawnbrokers Kensington W8 –  Fast, Private, Cash Loans Against Your Assets Today, With No Credit Checks”.